Rare '59 McKenzie Double Ender For Sale/Prince Helfrich Built/16 ft

This boat has been in my family since 1959 and was built for my father by Prince Helfrich--one of the few boats remaining that Prince himself built and thus is extremely rare. It possesses historical significance because of its early design and the builder.  Prince was an original collaborator of this design with Woodie Hindman. Prince, a graduate of the University of Oregon, was also one of the founders of the McKenzie River Guides Association in 1931. Prince, not only a renowned guide, but environmentalist and outdoor activist who also had no equal for his storytelling and camp cooking.

The boat has always been kept indoors and is in pristine condition.  A new bottom and floor was added a few years ago by a Swedish sailboat maker, so it is extremely tight. Since the boat is seldom used, the bottom is still in excellent condition and does not leak.  The interior and outside have been kept refinished and there is no peeling or cracking.  The boat was kept in its original wood color and has beautifully aged over time.  A new waterproof protective boat cover was custom made for the boat about 5 years ago and fits perfectly with easy to use tie downs. Steve Steele did the exterior refinishing and managed the trailer and boat cover refurbishing. 

Along with the boat comes two sets of ash oars and a spare oar--one set that has been used with the boat the last several years, but still in excellent condition.  The other set is new and never used, but finished.

The trailer comes in immaculate condition--totally refinished (black) about 5 years ago and with all new wiring and LED lights.  It also has an easy to use winch.  The tires are in excellent condition.

At my father's request, Prince built this boat very light.  As a result, it is extremely maneuverable in fast and difficult white water - holds well and turns on a dime. This is the ideal boat for fly fishing fast water, such as the Upper McKenzie and will navigate around rocks and fast water, e.g. Belknap area, that heavier wood and aluminum boats have more difficulty with.

Comfortably seats two passengers, but will accommodate three and has 3 removable and sturdy seat backs.

It is a beautiful boat to see on the water and always draws looks and comments.  Parting with it will be difficult. IMG_9245.jpeg.

This boat needs to go to someone who values the boat and its historical significance.  PRICE:  $7,500.  I will also consider all offers. You may call or text 541.285.1224.

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