Now with the nice weather coming I'm going to get back to the boat restoration. Thinking about adding a coat of coat-it to the bottom to make it slicker. Anyone used it and how does it hold up? Also thinking maybe instead of coat-it just adding  a coat of graphite/epoxy to the bottom. Where can I get graphite to add to the epoxy if I want to go this route? Thanks

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West System epoxy Products sells graphite to add to the epoxy.  It can be purchsed anywhere West system epoxy is sold.  West Marine handles it,  Jamestown Distributers also.  Just look around the web and you can find it.

Follow directions on the can as to how much to use.  A little is good, too much is bad.   



Here's what I used on the bottom of my DB as have a few others here on this site..

I have used it with other epoxies besides West System Epoxys with  no problems.

Hope this helps,


I have had Coat It brand epoxy that I purchased from TAP plastics for a number of years. Is that the product you're talking about? It has Kevlar fibers in it.  It has served me well here in the Midwest, where river gradients are not high, but the river bottoms are rocky, rocky, rocky and skinny in late summer. 

How long does the coat-it product last?

I use Coat-It and am very pleased with it.  I think it would last indefinitely if not scraped up.  I fish on the Sandy and Wilson Rivers in Oregon where the the bottom gets a lot of abuse, so I re-coat about every 4 or 5 years.  I get it at Bi-Mart.


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