Started on a GC Dory from Andy H. plans (18x54) some time ago and decided to post a few images from the build. The plans were put in CAD and cut on a CNC router so there are puzzle joints on large panels. A few modifications from the original design include laminated bow and stern posts and laminated gunwales. It has been a fun build and I am currently fiddling with gutters and hatches. See how this works and I will post more images.


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The boat is done and ready for some water. Displayed it at the Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport this weekend. There are a lot of dory lovers out there! George Kirby spotted his orange and ivory paint and came over for a photo. He is just as high quality of a person as his paint products. Thanks to Andy at High Desert Dories for all of his help and guidance. 

See you on the water,



Hi Dave. That boat looks awesome. Excellent craftsmanship. 

Very nicely done, Dave.

You clearly have the art and the science of wood/composite construction figured out.  Looking forward to finished/launch photos.

I have to agree wholeheartedly that your boat is both beautiful and appears to be well designed and engineered!

Rick Newman


Just saw this posting for the first time.  I'm impressed in your workmanship.  You have a beautiful wooden boat!  I suppose your aiming to take this baby down through the Grand Canyon.  It should make you proud, as I seems to be built to withstand a 7.0 earthquake.


phil w


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