One of our founding members and good friend Roger Fletcher has offered a gracious gift for end of the year fundraiser. You could own this commemorative model of a 1925 Veltie Pruitt boat, finished as if it survived the Holiday Farm Fire on the McKenzie River.

You will likely be receiving an email about this fundraiser from McKenzie River Discovery Center.  Last year I merged the assets of the McKenzie River Drift Boat Museum to the MRDC.  They are carrying on the work of the collection of historic information of the drift boats and that history will be a significant part of the museum's information.  

Roger, the author of Drift Boats and Wooden Dorries,  says: "As a member of the MRDC board of directors, and with their endorsement, I am inviting my wooden boat friends to help with a donation to the MRDC between now and midnight of Sunday January 3. I am also offering this challenge - the person who makes the largest donation will win my mottled-with-age rendition of Veltie’s boat (plus a set of Veltie's oars, oarlocks, display stand and small identifying wood name plate). But please know that any amount helps!"

Check out the McKenzie River Discovery Center at

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