I have sold Greg Tatman boat designs and all intellectual property back to Greg. He is again planing to build  a few boats.  We will have to get Greg to many an announcement here on what type of services and information that he is going to offer. 

Welcome back Greg!

I'll post a phone number or any other specific information that I can get as soon as I have it.

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Thanks again to Randy and Eagle Rock Lodge for another great McKenzie Wooden Boat Festival, probably the best ever.  It even featured a Greg Hatten sighting.

Thank you Randy for organizing the Wooden Boat Festival, what a great event. Nice to meet you as well. Interesting to hear Greg is back in the business.

Hey Randy I wanted to bump this up and see if you or anyone else has a phone number to contact Greg?

I've sent him a message to all me to post it here on WBP.  Hope to get it to you soon.

Greg has become a member of Wooden Boat People.  You can send him a message direct here on the site but I'm not sure how active he is.  I'm still trying to find out the correct phone number to use to reach him.


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