Does anyone know the status of Greg Tatman Boats?

I have been trying to reach them to place an order, but can't get anyone on the phone, no return calls, no reply to email.

Their website is up, but the entry page doesn't link to the rest of the site; you have to find the inside pages via Google search, then you can navigate within the site.

Any info is appreciated.


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I put wetlander on a Mini Drifter, it is slick but probably not as bullet proof impact wise as UHMW.  Hil Hawken

San Anselmo, CA.

I just spent the morning on the river (easy limit of kings) and talked a guide who has been running his boat all summer with the wetlander coating on the bottom.  He is actually 'testing' it to some degree for the manufacturer.  Apparently, he'll be writing an article for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout magazine on it.  He seemed really excited about it today.  Says that it is a two-part product . . . silicone  based . . . that remains flexible and does not 'break' or crack like glu-vit or coat-it.  I might check it out.

Hi Mike,

I've just posted some photos and description of what I've done.  It's on a blog post:

if you're interested.  Since boat not in water yer, no verdict on the bottom stuff (Wetlander) yet, but it looks and feels good dry.  Very very low friction, no doubt.

 Sorry for the newby question, but is there anywhere a guy could order a kit like Tatman boats provided? Very interested in building my first drift boat (14ft or 16ft) and would love to start with a kit. Thank you!!


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