This old timer grew up rowing the McKenze.

But hit rock and badly banged my ego.  Put big hole in bottom of 13-14 ft Don Hill wood drifter.  Is there some skilled craftmans out there who for a number of Bens could install a new bottom.  Or maybe you want to buy it as a sweet project boat.  Has very good trailer. You may respond on this discussion page but the best way to reach me is by email: or call or text at 541.520.0609. I was plucked off a rock by Search and Rescue.  Now this old duffer needs further help with his once prized boat.

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Previously I offered this boat and trailer for sale at $ 1200

(in a post entitled, "Boat needs surgery")

Then I changed the price effective May 7 (2021) to $ 1600

This morning I informed my dear wife of the new price starting May 7.

She advised I make it $ 1,600 as of right now.

I apologize for these mid-course adjustments,

But I need to listen to my wife!

Rick Rencher


Eugene, OR

Sorry you read about the Oops.

If the pictures show the worst (or the only damage), the offer to sell seems attractive.  There have been posts with boats in much worse condition.  I hope a qualified repair guy or buyer takes advantage of this attractive offer.


I hope so too

In addition to the pictured hole there is a loosen seam in the bottom where 

two pieces of bottom plywood come together, but readily reparable

It is a real good deal for the right person.  One fellow told me the trailer alone is worth

about $ 1k.

I am giving some thought to fixing it myself but I am low on skill and time

even though I am 74 YOA.  


Thank you for responding

rick rencher

Eugene, OR

cell # 541.520.0609


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