Hello all, 

The software that is used to create this site has gone through some changes in ownership. Now they seem dedicated to improvements and support again and I believe we can get back to the vibrant community and awesome sharing that happens here. 

I've also rolled Wooden Boat People into Mckenzie River Drift Boat Museum so we are now a non-profit and any donations made to maintain and support this site are tax deductible.  The URL is now woodenboatpeople.org.  So instead of your old links of .com please change them to woodenboatpeople.org and everything with resolve and get you here.  The original NING name also still works. 

So mark and pass around the word:  woodenboatpeople.org

See you on the river. 

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Thanks for the update Randy and your continuing efforts to keep this site ongoing!

Thanks for getting this fixed.

Thanx Randy and I think I speak for everyone that we really appreciate having this site.

Thanks Randy!

Thanks, Randy, I appreciate the financial support that you provide WoodenboatPeople.com. It has been a pleasure to help with the operation of the site and to meet a lot of great people along the way.

Here's to many more years of good times, more boats, waves, and sawdust!

Rick Newman

And of course thanks Rick for keeping the site running!

Thank you Rick and thank you for all the hard work maintaining the group.  

We all appreciate that very much. 

Thanks Randy, it has been a pleasure!

Rick Newman

Great news, thanks for keeping the site up and running, such a valuable resource.


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