Just wanted to share the trailer drawings I mentioned a while back.  Might be useful to someone who is looking to build one from scratch.  The drawings are not complete as there is no tongue, lights, or axle/wheels.  But, the most difficult part of building a trailer is making decisions on overall size, etc. 

We have also made some separate detail drawings of the flip-down trailer stand we are showing attached in the drawings.

The measurements for this drawings came directly from my drift boat trailer, which is a manufactured trailer, but I do not know the maker.  Please shoot any questions you might have as it would be fun to work through them with my students. 

More to follow as we detail out the drawings.

First is a rendering, should show on your screen.  Then, two drawings (one with dimensions in .pdf form)



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Looks pretty great to me, except for the wont fit in the shop part.  Thats alot of work to change it for a few inches. One other way to narrow it and make room is the height of the bunks. I just used 3/4 or 1" for the height, but 1 1/2-2" would raise the boat a little and make a little more fender room, if you did want to get narrower. That is a wide boat, looks really good!!

Have you already decided upon the details of the stops you are going to use to limit side to side movement, they will be needed, because of launching and retrieving. You will need the boat to guide itself on and off the trailer even in slightly off camber angles, or light current. Even if you have good friends they will be reluctant to wade in to guide the boat on.

Oh I'm not changing the width, it fits in the garage just fine.  At my old place it was the exact width of the garage.  Now its got a foot of clearance.  I'm going to put the vertical posts on the metal above the lights.  Just wanted to post this up so people arent surprised when a 17 54 barely squeezes in.

OK, yeah, you will need some kind of posts at the rear, and some light guides at the axle center line so that the boat will nest right in as you crank the winch
Huh ok I'll rig something up

Ya, with the side guides around the axle area, the boat even on the roughest dirt roads might move 1/4" at most, but for the most part between the winch in the frt and one ratchet strap through the oarlocks, it doesnt move any.

I am gonna add 2 more of the little side guides though between the axle and the rear guides, just behind the fenders. Ive loaded it in some heavy current and wind, the boat got sideways a little and the bottom hit my frame and left a nice mark. 2 more guides will take care of that. Thats why I asked earlier if the boat fit between the side frames of the trailer, just to make adding some side guides easier.

Hey guys I’m finally getting guide rollers welded on. I’m wondering what length roller y’all think would work, 6 inches? 9 inches? I’m copying this design



It wont make much difference as the contact point on the chine will be significantly less than 6'.  I'd go with 6" just to keep them lower and out of the way.  Just something else to bump into with your shins.

phil w.

Youre right Phil. I was really overthinking that haha


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