Kudos to Randy for the site and all the photo (and comment) contributors. I neglected the photo portion of the site until yesterday - at my loss. Now, I am making up for lost time.

The photo 'hook' that got me to look a little further were the photos posted by Rick Fennell of his ocean dory. My 1st wife spent time with the Pacific City dory fleet around 1970. Tales were heard but no photos to give more life to the tales. Rick's photos put the life into the tales with his (Eric's too) mini- dory. That is a beautiful boat and looks great in action. The double rowing dory photo with rowers facing in opposite directions was also an eye opener. Nice fish also, but I imagine it was even better when Rick first started with the dories.

All the contributions are great! I look forward to working my way through all 300 pages of photos. Two days ago, I thought the forum was the main source of information, but now I know better.

Let the fun continue!


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Ants, visit my personal page and you can see a bunch of photos from early wooden boat festivals.

Rick Newman

Thanks for the suggestion, Rick.

I was not using any search features and simply enjoy the sequential potluck viewing. The festival photos are a great resource for well executed ideas and craftsmanship. I look forward to considering many of them during my 1st drift boat build.


Pacific City it's a boat show every day. Most of my photos are from "Sandy Weedman" Facebook and "dory fisherman and woman" Facebook

I found the photo section to be one the best parts of this site. I must have went through every picture on there about 20 times, (and that takes a while) just looking for ideas, and expanding options. No wonder it took me a year of evenings and weekends to build my little wood boat. Good stuff for sure :)


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