I am going to try to stop/slow the mildew growth on the ribs in my boat with the LVT mixture someone suggested. Is the correct recipe equal parts linseed oil/varnish/turpentine with Japan dryer as directed on the can?

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This sounds a lot like boat sauce. If you go to the link above and look through the pictures there is a recipe for boat sauce that may help.

Teak oil is what brought me to change up my finish. Watco Teak oil grew mildew on the ribs of my 16' Don Hill design drift boat. I applied 2 coats of Watco Teak oil to all of the ribs and now that the weather has cooled mildew is growing on the ribs. The boat is stored uncovered inside a 2 car garage with no doors. So, after a suggestion by someone on this site who referred to LVT I turned to Google. What I came up with was equal parts (I chose by weight - 13 ounces each) boiled linseed oil/Cobalt varnish/turpentine with a splash of Japan dryer. I applied 2 coats and let them dry for about 20 minutes and wiped off the excess. The finish has dried and it looks great so now we will see if it stops the mildew.


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