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  we have a family river trip planned in a few weeks down from just below Flaming gorge dam for 2 nights. Our son will row our gear in his raft and we will also take either my homemade 16' drift boat built from Roger's book or my daughters fiberglass drifter. I rowed the raft down that section years ago and it seemed very mild to my recollection but now I am nervous about taking my wooden boat down. I've rowed the Bighorn here in Thermopolis quite a few times but the Green river is an unknown to me...and advise would be greatly appreciated....

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Hi Pete, you will be fine on the water. Just keep in mind in the mornings there is a 15 minute load out limit on the ramp. We are trying to change that for folks who need more time, but it can be quieter if you launch in the afternoon. Bring your mosquito netting and chemical firepower... that's what I would be most concerned about from now till the first frost... post pictures if you go! Cordially yours, tom

Ps: Gorgeous boat you have there!

On the “A” section watch out for the wall on the left at “Mother-In-laws “ Rapid, hug the rock on the right.  If you are floating the “B” section you will want the scout out “Red Creek Rapids” , go river left.  The first video is at 4500 CFS, the second is at 8800 CFS.  It gets a lot trickier below 3000 cfs.




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