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Click in the water area of this image and you can feed the fish.… Continue

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McKenzie Wooden Boat Show makes local radio station!


This year is the 150th anniversary of Lane County, Oregon. As part of the celebration KPLU is doing a series of mini documentaries on local areas and inventions that have make influenced Lane County. One of them is the McKenzie River Drift Boat. Click on the link above this photo of Greg Hatten and Jess Burns on the water… Continue

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Photo preview of the 2009 McKenzie River Boat Show and Float.

So many people helped pull this years show off. We had our best press coverage ever with KLCC doing a mini documentary on the influence of the McKenzie River Boat and our local newspaper covering the event in this mornings City/Region section. This awareness will go a long was to spark a wider knowledge of the importance of the McKenzie River Drift Boat and get us started on a historical museum.… Continue

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Building a boat in two days at the 2009 FFF Fly Tying Expo

Can you cram 100 hours of boat building into two twelve hour days?

Sandy and I found out the answer was no. But it was a lot of fun and a great attraction. We had done quite a bit of prep on the frames, side panels, and seats then staged everything the night before the show opened and glued the front stem and one side of the transom the night before the show so it would have overnight to dry. The next day we wanted to get the bottom on the boat but we talked… Continue

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Recovery photos of the wrapped boat in Whitehorse.

Only two days after I posted the YouTube video of the Whitehorse Rapid boat wrap Sanderson was contacted by Robb Sipler. Robb was cruizin' the net and found WoodenBoatPeople then realized he was part of one of our blog posts.

Robb helped in the salvage of that boat and I hope will post a bit more of the complete story in the near future. He joined as a member on this site and then forwarded me these photos of the salvage. Right now he's still booked up with fall guiding trips but… Continue

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C rock... also called Oh Sh#$%... on the Deschutes River, Oregon.

I had to post this YouTube video of exactly what not to do in Whitehorse Rapids on the Deschutes River in Oregon.

I've been told this boat had to be cut off the rock. I'll try to find out more about the actual story and post more… Continue

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New Flicker Photo Upload area activated

If you are a Flickr user it is now easier than ever to share photographs with everyone else here at wooden boat people. Simply click on the PHOTOS button on the navigation panel. In the new page that load you click on the ADD PHOTOS link on the top right. It's kind of small and text only so don't miss it. Once the new Add Photos page loads notice the new Flickr logo near the center right of the page. There it is! Click on that and follow the directions to allow your WOODENBOATPEOPLE account to… Continue

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2009 McKenzie River Drift Boat Poster to be illustrated by Dan Burr

I was lucky to meet up with Dan Burr earlier this year during some business with the boat shop. I asked him if he would be interested in illustrating the poster for the 2009 Boat Show at Eagle Rock Lodge. He said yes... I feel pretty fortunate. He is working on the poster now and we should be able to share it with everyone in a month or so. Below are a couple of Dan's Illustrations.

Please remember that I asked for a quick poster. I'm sure it… Continue

Added by Randy Dersham on October 27, 2008 at 9:00am — 3 Comments

First Blogs are always exciting!

This is the first post on the new Wooden Boat People social network. It is my hope that this form and social site can be used by boat builders to ask questions, advertise business, help each other, and generally help us all be better builders, better boaters, and better friends.

Enjoy, sign up, and spread the…


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