Building a boat in two days at the 2009 FFF Fly Tying Expo

Can you cram 100 hours of boat building into two twelve hour days?

Sandy and I found out the answer was no. But it was a lot of fun and a great attraction. We had done quite a bit of prep on the frames, side panels, and seats then staged everything the night before the show opened and glued the front stem and one side of the transom the night before the show so it would have overnight to dry. The next day we wanted to get the bottom on the boat but we talked too much and even managed to forget to cut the drainage holes in the frames.

The second morning the drainage holes were in and the bottom went down but not before noon. Then outside rails and almost one inside rail. But the day came to an an end and we had to admit that we were about five hours short of our goal of having both rails on, the stem and transom cut and the shear line sanded out.

Thank you Greg Hatten for coming by and helping out.

We donated our time to the FFF, and enjoyed this experience. The boat, trailer and oars was auctioned off that evening. It went for a little less than half price. That's a bit low but in this economy most of the auction items were selling below normal. The final price was $3,475.00 it was a great once a year deal for someone and made a good profit for the FFF.

I hope to see some of you there next year.

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