I'm taking my boat down the Wild & Scenic the third week of October... any "tips" on Blossum Bar or Coffee Pot??
Greg H

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Wow. I hope you have a great trip. This is my very favorite time of year to be in the canyon. Silvers, half-pounders, and steelhead. If you've never been down this section before you should follow a person that you trust.

http://store.allaboutrivers.com/river-guide-books/oregon-river-guid... is a link to the Forest Service Guide to the Rogue River. I also remember an older spiral bound book that had photos and stroke by stroke directions for each big rapid. I'll look for it. I haven't seen one in a while.

Thanks... I've been down it a couple of times but never rowed it. I'm headed down with a couple of VERY experienced guys - we've had a couple of "planning sessions" and have been looking at a lot aerial photo's of some of the nastier runs.
Great! I'm jealous.

It sounds like you are in good hands. Use this sites email feature on the top to shoot Aaron H. a note. He's likely still on the river a ton until you trip but might have a minute to warn you on a couple of "gotchas" .
Thanks Randy... I'll reach out to Aaron, I need all the help I can get with the "gotchas" - I don't want to spend the winter "rebuilding" the boat.


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