Got home yesterday with a 14' Don Hill drift boat in very rough condition. Have to clear space in garage for restoration. Will keep posting as progress dictates.

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I used Wests, I did use 5200 to glue the bottom on (and less screws) and to seal my drain holes, just screwed the sides on, I think I used some thickened epoxy at the stem, transom, and top outside rails on the sides, Sikaflex for the chime caps (as a bedding compound)

Glad to see someone on the forum bought this boat. I thought about it myself but talked myself out of it. The trailer was worth the sellers asking price but I don't need another project. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Almost didn't get it myself. It had sat upright in the rain and snow for five years before being moved and the sat overturned for another five years outside uncovered. From the pictures you can see that I brought it home. Most of the damage was along the chine, which was totally rotted. Have since totally disassembled the boat, made new chines, used CEPS to seal the sides and bottom, which were in good shape, refinished the ribs; and now getting ready to start putting it back together. Only paid $300, plus a used tire to get it home. Just recently sold the trailer for $350. Will look for another one next year. Thanks for your interest.

Sweet deal!

How did you get your side heights the same and cut straight. Dod you make the cuts with the sides removed?

That'll be a fun little boat. Where do you live? I'm in Boise. I just spent 3 days days on the SF of the Snake. We should get together for a float trip next summer. Lord willing I will have my Keith Steele finished by then if I ever get back to working on it. 

Used my skill saw with a plywood blade to cut 3/4" off the bottom of both sides (removed) where the rot was plus numerous screw holes. Will adjust ribs when I put it back together. I'm in Boise also. 866-3110 Would like to see your boat and meet you. I live off of Cloverdale between Fairview and Ustick. Dick.

Got the ribs refinished and glued (3M 5200) in place.


Richard, great project.  I admire your effort and spirit.  Too many times these days we write off and criticize a significant effort if "we" think someone is "wasting" their time or going down the wrong road, so to speak.  Hey, its your time and your project. I'm sure it will look great when done and candle any water that you can! Looking forward to seeing the progress.

Excellent work, sir. I would love to get over to your place and see your work in person.

Likewise. 866-3110.

Finally got it done. Funny thing: a lady bought it with three oars to hang upside down from her ceiling in her mountain cabin. Paid $2300. Now need to find another project boat. Anybody near Boise, Idaho have one to restore? Pics attached.


Absolutely wonderful, Richard. Who would know that is the same boat? I'm sorry that you and I have not gotten together. We live so close to each other.

I can think of a lot places in Idaho where that boat would be perfect. How fun would it be to float Marsh Creek in that thing from Lola Creek to Bear Creek? But it'll look nice in the lady's cabin too. I guess.

Nice job.


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