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We recently picked up this boat for what I think is a steal. It has been in a garage for the last 20 years and is in pretty good conditions. We are currently refinishing the wood. However, I can't find any information about the boat. It says it is made from Eastside Boats, but I didn't know they made any wooden boats. Can anyone tell me some info about this boat? It's our first drift boat (definitely new to drift boats).



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Appears to be a nice looking boat, I would fish it as is!    Congrats

Zach: Your boat is from Eastside boats when they were located in Duvall,WA. They made wood and glass driftboats and wood kits I helped my dad build a 16' wood kit with a motor well in the early 70's. First launch was on the Snoqualmie river and plumbs landing to Fall city.He still has the boat and it is in immaculate condition, he floated the Yakima last Spring. It's because of this project with the driftboat with my dad I have had a life long passion for driftboats of all makes. The Brother of the fellow who had Eastside went on to found Lavro Driftboats in Monroe.



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