Well I'm building a 17 54 baker drift boat. So far I've got a pallet of expensive ply wood and one scarf cut

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Thats a big boat, I`m thinking 3/4 will not be enough, but with that said its expensive. Might want to see how far that goes first. I sealed all my plywood with a couple coats inside and out before I secured it. The outside of the ply is important to seal good prior to the glass. Keeps gasses from bubbling the glass/epoxy. Cant remember how many coats of epoxy it took to bury the glass cloth. Less on the sides of course, which I`m thinking was a few good coats, and that much plus the last couple coats with graphite in it on the bottom. First graphite coat looked weak, 2nd coat made it look pretty black.

Nice looking fish!!

A mixed gallon of resin is approx 9 lbs,add up sq/yd of ply X 20 oz /2yd glass plus 10 % plus another 10% for coating ply and another 10% for filling weave.

Or cut the glass to a little oversize and weigh it you need at least that much to wet the glass.

10lbs of fiberglass needs 10lbs plus 10% of epoxy just to wet the glass.

Thanks tungsten, that's a great formula to know, so I'm looking at 7 ish lbs of resin on paper.  Thats a lot of goo

Hey Bennett,

It will take the better part of a gallon (resin) to do just the bottom. You really don't need to glass the sides on Meranti just 3-4 coats epoxy then 3-4 coats Varnish.


Thanks mike, between your ballpark and tungstens formula I'm going to order another 1 1/2 gallon kit just to be safe.  Now that I'm comfortable with this stuff I can always use the extra for projects and flies even

I really think you will need another gallon kit. If you get a 1/2 gallon kit with your 3/4 leftover that only leaves you 1/4 for coating the sides. 

Confusing wording in my post I'm going to order 

1.5 gallon kit       qty 1

From Raka

Dont get 5200 in your hair

Oh yuk..lol Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy!! acetone cuts that stuff but alot of people dont want to touch it. I used it to clean up some of mine a little, worked pretty good while it was fresh. Might be getting a haircut huh? On the brighter side, that pile of plywood you had is looking alot like a boat now!

Yeah I got a haircut Friday funny enough. Dish soap allowed it to separate from the hair and comb out but it took a lot of force haha still have a little bit left in that I'll shave out in a few days

Now for the epoxy work

got the stem sanded down and ready for a stem cap and the bottom is finally flush all the way around.  I've got all the holes in the bottom filled and am ready to start fairing with some microballons.  Going to pick up my trailer this week and order my fiberglass. I ran a test with some 1/2 inch ply across 1x supports on 17.5 inch centers.  This is to simulate someone using the future side trays as a step in and out of the boat. I'll probably use some glass on the backside or just some battens to stiffen them.  The test is a worst case scenario of me (190lbs) stepping perfectly in between the supports and with my foot perpendicular to the tray.  I think when the faceboard is on the edge it will both stiffen it and keep someone from stepping perpendicular so as to distribute the weight easier.


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