Well I'm building a 17 54 baker drift boat. So far I've got a pallet of expensive ply wood and one scarf cut

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Lily likes her new trays. Or dog walks as I now call them

All hail graphite bottoms. Just did a float on the Toccoa river and hit every rock in the river. A few bad hits. The graphite bottom looks great with some superficial lines all over. Oak chine caps saw some serious action too. This boat continues to impress, she’s been launched/recovered off banks, dragged/pushed down hundreds of yards of gravel roads, and as of yesterday can compete with the new wide bottom skinny skiffs in the low water.

Drug her in down a gravel access Saturday. The side trays I overbuilt, next time I’ll go with 3/8s strips on top. Probably save 20-30 lbs. but she’s stout.


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