Was all excited to order my oars from fisheries supply yesterday.  Upon checkout I noticed that they would charge me 200 dollars in surcharges to get them to my door.  So I looked up Barkley sounds website and saw they quote 45 dollars to ship to the USA.  This seemed too good to be true so I called them up yesterday(Boxing Day) and left a voicemail.  Just got off the phone with the Owner? of the shop and he was very happy to sell me a set of 9 footers for 50 bucks less than Fisheries charges(As seen on both websites), and for the stated 45 bucks to ship them to me.

In closing, if you're going to order Barkley Sounds, go direct to the manufacturer.  He's a cool guy.

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Awesome! Great oars for the price. 

Finally got my oars wrapped.  Mark Stuberr on here has a blog called shoelessmusing.blogspot.com and on this he posted about a serving mallet.  In a past life I slaved away serving bowstrings.  This process is identical except backserving isn't ideal.  The serving mallet gets the serving way tighter than your hands could.  Anyway here's the pictures

Not pictured is the finished mallet with a slight curve to match the circumference of the oar


I have had similar good luck with Ken from Canadada, they are simply the nicest rowing oar on the river.

Cheers, Robb



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