I am currently working on an older restoration and the only history I have goes back 16 years. The only markings or identification I can find are markings under bow on a support block for hatch hardware. ( 56-W )  Do these markings mean anything? Any ideas on the original builder?



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I dought those numbers have anything to do with identity. Good looking boat though. The boat I just got done with I`ll get a plate made with my name and year. Maybe someday someone will go wow thats a old boat!!

In MIchigan boats dont have to be registered unless its 16` or more or if you put a motor on it. I just went today and registered it, partly in case I ever get a motor, and partly because I wanted the registration for the same year it was finished. $17 for 4 years. It also assigns me a hull identification number to afix to the hull, different from the actual 'Hull" number/letters that is assigned to it that would go on the front sides.

Pretty much the same thing here in Wisconsin.  I liked the idea of having a state-issued hull number to use as a S/N when I titled it.


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