Building my first Drift Boat - 16' Double-Ender with Transom

Hello folks,

I stepped foot in a McKenzie style drift boat for the first time nearly ten years ago, and have been wanting to own one ever since. I have decided (finally) to start building my first drift boat; the Original McKenzie Double Ender with Transom. 

I purchased Rogers book, as well as the plans from 'The Rivers Touch' and I have been taking small steps towards starting the project for over a year now: building a shop space, purchasing tools, researching, cold calling strangers for advice, gathering materials etc. 

I started last week, and have learned a few important things already:

  1. Scarf joints are not as scary as they look (I wish I hadn't have waited so long).
  2. Being a complete beginner at something is rough - somehow I forgot that.
  3. This website and the contributions made by all of you is invaluable. I contemplated not posting but then realized that it would be selfish not to give back.

I am open to as much advice, suggestions, criticisms, stories and photos as possible!

My goal is to have this boat on the water by the Winter of 2021 (changed from 2017 haha)

So, here goes. I hope you enjoy watching me work through my first technical wood project ever ;). Maybe this can help a newcomer like me down the road.

Thanks All, 


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I'm back at it now. My son recently turned 13 - my daughter turns 15 in a few days...  and I can't stand the thought of another year passing with this projects incomplete. Besides - they are both now too big to fit on my Scadden inflatable so completion has now become a necessity... here is where it is at:

I decided to paint the inside deck and lower part of frames. I also decided to fully encapsulate this boat, as it is quite likely that I will be fishing river mounts here in Campbell River and figure saltwater will be less of an issue.. 

I'll be painting the hull white- but will leave the inside clear (except for teh black you see in teh image below). I'm going with Interlux Pre-Kote for primer and Brightside for the topcoat. 

I posted separately asking about free-standing rowers seat design ideas.. Any thoughts? 

Please post here shaming me for taking over 6 years to complete a couple hundred hours of work... it will motivate me haha

Thanks all


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