This was my first set of blocks, ended up having to make another set that was higher. They are made from solid cherry and have epoxy and varnish on them. Made to fit into 1 1/4 rail space, but could be shimmed to adjust. Drilled for the plastic shaft guides. Just gonna throw them out.

Still working on the Silver Doctor, getting closer! (the fly does not come with the blocks)

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I will take them as opposed to you throwing them away. Still restoring but might be able to use. Thanks, Dick.

R.A. Sutherland, 12332 W. Ardyce Dr., Boise, Idaho 83713-5816

You got em. I`ll box them up and get in the mail. I never drilled any rail holes in them so thats a good thing. They could be cut thinner or shims added to make wider. They were headed for the trash can. I had them in my scrap burn box, but dont usually burn wood with paint or finishes in my wood stove!!one side is a little thicker for the rail/plywood side

If you cant use them, you can pitch em :)

OK, thanks. I will try to put them to good use.

Got them today. Thanks. I think they will work. Have the plastic bushings that fit. Thanks again, Dick.

Your welcome. You could cut the bottoms off and have a pair of double candlestick holders ;)


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