A few years ago my wife and I drove up from Mt Shasta, stayed at Randy's place on the MacKenzie, and attended the Driftboat Festival. It was very impressive.

I've been rehabbing an old Ostrem boat for the last couple of years and am now ready to do some oiling of the interior. I was prepared to use the linseed oil/turpentine combo, but can't get turpentine in California. That got me back to the forum.

I saw some old posts regarding the Deks olje products. Have they turned out to be as good as some of you had hoped them to be?

Thanks for your insight,
Ron Fritzke

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I started with the Dalys Teak oil and went through a half a gallon of it.  Recently I figured I'd try and use the homebrew soup.  I love it in comparison, less coats, seemingly longer lasting yet goes on just as thin if not thinner than the Teak oil.

So far I've preferred homemade boat soup in the

4 parts linseed

4 parts turp

1 part japan drier

1 part pine tar

1 gallons treatment(3 or 4 oz container) of fungicide

The fungicide is key in my mind, even if I stuck with store bought oil I'd still add it.  When I was using just the Dalys I was always fighting a little bit of mildew even being stored in climate control

^Got that tip from Dave Z btw thanks Dave

If youre close to the border may be worth making an illegal run for turpentine

Thanks for the feedback. We live only an hour south of the Oregon border, so going to Medford is part of our routine.

Just to clarify, are you saying that for every gallon of the soup you add 3-4 ounces of fungicide?

i was using the 3-4 oz container that is chartreuse marked for "treats one gallon" for about the 2 1/2 quart mix of homebrew.  I got it on the corner of the paint counter in my local big box store but as of late I've switched to my local hardware store and they have it all. It's colorless and odorless so it seems like theres no kill like overkill. They have it in pints and quarts as well.


so california doesn't allow turpentine? The only time I was in that state I recall having a hell of a time pumping gas.  The fume fitting was a joke at best.  Are mineral spirits allowed?


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