Hello again group, I know there are some OR people here and I have a question about our old standby, the warm springs run.  I have done it a million times with my raft going all the way to sandy beach.  I always run Oak Springs on the right side channel and it's a shallow mess after the drop. Does the left have a decent line for a big dory at 4,000 or 5,000 cfs?   I know drift boats do it but a big heavy dory might be an issue, I could take out at Harpham flats or Maupin city park I guess.  

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There's definitely a line going left, but it won't avoid the shallow mess, you'll end up in 85% of the same mess.  If I were rowing a big heavy dory that I love, I'd take out at Harpham or the City Park for sure.  You still get to run Wapanitia and Boxcar, and a couple other fun wave trains.  Particularly after floating several beautiful days from Warm Springs, in my opinion there's not enough payoff to justify finishing that stretch.  

There's no doubt you'd get through it, its just that it would break my heart to take damage that late in the float.

hope that helps.  

Thanks, That's an eloquent way of describing what I figured was the case.  I'm launching at warm springs this coming Sunday morning.  Excited to be living on my boat again.  

I had the best/strangest morning camping below Whitehorse Rapid on that stretch.  Sitting in a chair with coffee, we watched wild horses upland across the river, bighorn sheep walking on the basalt column cliff directly across the river... then an oarsman in a yellow raft came around the bend toward us, he was flicking his oar at something which, minutes later I discovered was a badger that had swum up to his raft and tried to crawl in... then it swam back to shore within 30 feet of me while I took pictures of it.  While I was taking pictures of the wet badger, two other dry badgers scurried into my peripheral view and for 5 minutes these three badgers, two dry and one wet scurried around our camp.  Then left as quickly as they came.  It was so strange.  I hope you have a great float trip!

It was a great trip, launching on Sunday made finding a great camp easy.  My strangest experience on that river was when a guy came off a stopped southbound train and tried to panhandle us and kept asking how much further to Seattle.  I told him he was going to central Oregon but he kept arguing with me that he was going to Seattle. We gave him some water and moved our camp downstream.  Beware if you camp where there is a siding that stores parked railroad cars, they sometimes have travelers aboard.  


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