Clueless rookie here again...I just ordered cobra oarlocks from NRS...I was wondering if a 5/8" hole through a thick piece of walnut would be good enough or do I need to find some plastic inserts..I could use some very dry beech or elm if I need harder material...thanks for all the advice...this boat would be a mess without this forum...

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I have cobras and they are drilled right through a white oak block. They get sticky sometimes but it isn't too much of an issue.
I think if you have the option of a delrin or uhmw insert, go for it. Others might even know of a good resource or alternate material that is easier to come by... but if not, I think you'll be fine with the brass on wood.

Thanks Elliott...I've looked all  over the internet and I can't find any 5/8" inserts...I found a beech plank in my barn loft, that should be plenty hard and stable...that's what rulers are made from because it doesn't move...anyway it can be removed and replaced if's the last step before trying my boat in the water....

Hey Pete,

Willie Boats has the inserts for a good price if memory serves.

Thanks Mike....Willie has them for 9 bucks a pair...

Welcome, great source for anchor rope too.


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