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I just read a post by Rob Grubb regarding the neccessity of floor boards in drift boats, and would really like to get some thoughts on this.

My project is an S&G boat and having just flipped it, I am starting on the inside.

Are a raised and/or leveled floor really needed?

With the newer wonder adhesives and epoxies that have been developed we are much better able to seal and reduce leakage. And the need to keep our feet out of any standing water, unless you are going barefoot, is pretty much nonexistant.

From a purely weight perspective, we would be much better off without them.

Thoughts, idea's......


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Good question.  Anxious to see the replies.  I am in the same situation and thinking about dropping the floor boards.  Also s&g construction.

More water comes into the boat from wading shoes and white water than other.  The only downside that I see is the dog needs a place to sit to get out of the water.  

I like to run without floor boards.  Keeping up out of the water is really the only issue. 

Randy, I never gave the dog a thought. The 'unconditional loving' Labrador just might start thinking 'conditionally' if he/she has a wet butt... :)

Greg, I think 'level' floors in the front and back of the boat, are a reasonable idea if you are doing alot of standing / fishing. I would assume most 'level floor' designs, especially in S&G boats are completely different than a 'floorboard' in a framed boat. Most generic floorboards follow the contour (slope) of the boats bottom. No matter the style, I think the key is something for your toe or heal to rest up against for support / anti-slip while standing. I do still stand behind my personal opinion about floorboards in general however.

Cheers, Robb



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