So I'm going to oil my interior, is there any reason to varnish the fly deck? I just read a thread from a while back where that was recommended to keep stains off the deck.  I'm planning on fiberglassing the underside with some 15 oz biax to stiffen it up for dogs and people to sit/stand on.  Then fillet on some stiffeners

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I oiled mine. Keep telling myself I will Varnish it one day. They do look like a million bucks varnished. Plus it is easy since it is a flat piece.


Well if it's an option later then I'll hold off.

I varnished mine.  It is horizontal and the sun will shine on it directly all day.  The varnish also offers a smoother surface for your fly lines.

One of my boats has marine varnish on the fly deck, the other has marine enamel.  I would not use oil because of a concern about the effect it might have on the flyline coating.  That said, I did have an oiled boat long ago, and do not remember noticing any effect upon my lines.

A cool feature is to inlay some magnets flush with the top,this way when you change flies and set one down it stays there.A friend has has them on the deck and in the trays on the rowers bench.Handy for those days your fishing #22 drys

Got any photos?

No don't have any photos,sorry.


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