Does anyone sell Bo's type systems with the aluminum bracket that attaches to the frames of McK boats?

I see that Dierks has ones that bolt on through the bottom like this:

But what about ones like this?

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Carl, I bought the regal foot release and plan to just bend some 1/8" aluminum to fit between my frames.  Total cost for the release and the aluminum is still less than the Bo's/dierks system and I think it looks better

Hey Carl,

Bo's is out of buisiness (he passed away awhile back). I am a distributor for Dierks. Send me a P.M. with what you are looking for and I can get you some prices.


Thanks, Bennett. That Regal release looks really cool. I love the retro sort of look to it. I bet it would look right at home in my old relic. How did you come to decide to buy it? Have you seen it in use? I see that Towee Boats (popular in your neck of the woods) is a dealer for them. Is that where you saw them? It looks like they are made of cast aluminum, which causes a little apprehension for me. Since you have one in hand, what do you think about the way it is built? Does it look like it will hold up?

Mike: Thank you! I tried to send you a PM but we have to be "friends" first. So I sent you a friend request. Look forward to hearing from you.

Done, let me know what you are looking for.

Thank you, sir. PM sent.

damn I wish I had known that Mike.  Oh well

Sorry about that Bennett

I like it, especially the brass components. Only the base is aluminum, the pawl mechanism is brass and the guide pegs appear to be stainless, but they may be aluminum.   I read a couple positive reviews for it on Montana riverboats.  Also, based on a couple quick searches I think it was a hair cheaper than the other styles.  I just called them up to order.  My buddies towee has their oarlocks but I don't think they have an option for the release.  It'd be in the way on that boat anyway.  I messed up by not ordering their oarlocks at the same time, would've saved on shipping which I want to say was 15 bucks from MA to GA.  They were competitively priced and being a hair longer makes them more versatile.  I can attest to that rowing my friends towee.  Ill take pictures tomorrow, it's at work with the boat. Overall I think it'll be a good product, it's got a lifetime warranty anyway.

finally took some pictures of the foot release


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