I pulled a black UHMW (I'm pretty sure that's what it is) shoe off a drift boat I restored.  It looks like the prior owner only ran it down a river once or twice, and the shoe is in good condition, with the exception of some of the screw holes where the screw heads pulled through when I removed it from the boat.

I'm 99% certain the boat is a Don Hill 16HS:  http://www.dhdriftboats.com/driftBoatPlans.html

Free to good home, but you need to pick it up in Kanab, Utah. 

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I have a 1972 Don Hill 16ft. High Side Guide model that I am putting together now. It came with a UHMW shoe too and you would not believe what a good skid plate it makes for my ATV.

I don't have an ATV, but figure it will be useful for something.


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