My 17' Tatum boat has serious dry rot in transom and floor at drain plug. Is it possible to fix this much damage? Can anyone recommend a good boat builder in Seattle?

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Some pictures of the dry rot areas would be good in order to help. In the reply screen at the top is an "image" tab, you can upload pictures and post in the reply.

I would imagine there are knowledgeable wooden boat folks in the Port Townsend area.

Just sent pics of rot to "discussions" as a new post. I'm figuring out how to use this forum.

Retired last week, will have time to spend fixing boat. Don't want to loose the boat, it has sentimental value. And front half is OK!

Advise needed

There are plenty of boat builders, but repair costs may be shocking because there may be additional contingencies (problems) as the work progresses.

However, one of the best sources for working with epoxy is located on Port Townsend- Russell Brown at PT Watercraft.  Despite the comments you may read on this forum (no slight intended), the diligent use of epoxy techniques saves valuable time and avoids do-over work.  Russell has a series of books, as well as videos on the Off Center Harbor subscription website (about $30/year).

I have been working with epoxy and boats for half a century and am impressed with Russell's techniques.  For example, his procedure for scarfing wood ( lumber or plywood) leaves little room for improvement.

The price of the books is a small price to be informed and well guided to an excellent result.  A procedure mistake could easily costs days or weeks of your time.  I can't remember the total cost for the references, but it seemed to be less than $50.  I would call that a bargain.

Good luck in assessing the extent of your problems.  Take it slow and steady, without do-overs or extra effort.


Thank you for the reply.

Just purchased a 12' x 20' heavy duty canopy for workshop. Googled the link, looks good. I'll search for the book.  

I'm anxious to make repairs. This boat and I've been out of the water to long.

Look up "Rot Doctor". A good line of products to fix rot problems.

Thanks. I'll look them up.

Paul, not sure where you live in Seattle, but we live in Madrona. I've built a Rapid Robert and would be happy to come by and help if your interested. I've posted a few pictures of my boat a while ago.


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