Hello, My sons and I are building a 16' Double ender with transom.  I am a long drive from the nearest dealer with west system epoxy.  How much would you recommend for scarfing the 3 1/4 in and 2 1/2 in panels?  thanks.

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not much, but you probably are going to need a bunch anyways.  for the bottom, and both sidesm if you are thrifty, you can do it with 12oz or less plus some wood flour or micro balloons.

I'm a long time RAKA user.  Larry will ship it out anywhere reasonably and it is a 2:1 mix.  much harder to screw up.  www.raka.com


thanks for the reply, that is much less than I thought. I am looking up raka now.  THanks!

thanks for the input...ended up going with RAKA. 


Hey Garett,

If you only need epoxy for bonding and not coating think about System Three t-88. It is what I use on all my scarfs as well as general bonding, no need to use fillers and it has about the same color as varnish. I think a pint kit would be enough.



Yes, I used raka as well on my boat and ended up placing orders with Larry a couple times.
He is very helpful and a great resource for answering questions


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