I am working on my floor and applied 18.5 triaxial on the inside floor and filled the weave and 2 layers of 6 oz and 3 coats of epoxy to fill the weave on the outside....

My questions are :

Do you think this is enough glass for the floor?

If I do a few coats of graphite and epoxy to the outer floor will epoxy stick to the graphite layers in case a repair is needed?

thanks, John

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ya most don't worry about UV,boat sits on a trailer.If you go up the sides with the graphite you could rattle can on some clear for that area to get a little UV protection.

I had a look in my epoxy drawer and its 404 by west its a high compression filler for when you want to through bolt on soft cores.So a little 404 and some graphite would make a slick tough bottom coating thats still black and good looking.

Thanks for the feed back.

The UHDMW shoe I took off the bottom sure was slick but all deformed , wavy, buckled and pulling screws.

Now I'm wondering how the bottom would be if I ground up the UHDMW (really fine} and added it to the epoxy for the final coat ?  Have you heard of anybody doing that?

The uhmw is a solid it wont absorb resin it will just float.Youll end up with a sandpaper type finish is my guess.

The more I thought about it I figure it may still expand and contract at different rates too and fracture the epoxy over time.


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