I recently got my boat back from having the hull coated with Line-x.
I've been on one float down the Bow river here in Calgary and it preformed flawlessly. my buddy even ran her aground and there was not a scratch on the bottom. has anyone else used this method of sealing their boats?

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Looks pretty cool!The linex is tough stuff,The boat will get pretty hot sitting in the sun but it doesnt look like you used epoxy so theres no fear of it melting.

Let us know how it performs over the season.

Matt:  we went 6" above the chine which is more than enough to seal the joint. This allows a different color for the topsides- and a chance to change it later on. Doing the whole boat must have cost a bundle- but you will never have to repaint it.  Tungsten is right- this will be a "hot" boat.

Good Luck

I also did the bottom to a point a few inches above the chine. Three years and looks new. I haven't noted any downsides and it's a LOT better solution than the HD plastic skid plates that I started with


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