I finally after more than a year off and on finished my 16' with a transom....and it floats like a cork. I was worried that it would sit too low but it only has a few inches of draft. We launched it on Sunshine reservoir and I was so happy ...no leaks and it spins on a dime...it will be awhile before I take it on the river...the Bighorn is boiling through town right now. I didn't know the first thing about boats when I started...I would never had tried it without Roger's book and the knowledge contained on this website...The local paper sent a reporter up to my shop for a long interview and the Thermopolis independent record did a full page story on my boat...I am very impressed with my small town for celebrating my boat build...such a cool little town with so many friendly people...

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Very nicely done Pete! You reminded me of the time I took my build to the local town lake, launched it off the trailer, and... by gum... it floated! Have a wonderful journey!!!

Beautiful boat Pete! Great job and cheers to the maiden float. 

Beautiful!!! Pete did you make your oars? I too am just finishing a 16' with a transom and am getting ready to try and build oars.

I bought 2 oars and leathers from Barkley sound in Canada, they are first rate, and made the 3rd from a mix of doug fir and spruce I had in the shop...I've even been invited to bring my boat to the Bighorn basin folk art festival and give a talk on the tools and woods in the boat....now that I've built one boat I'll have to play the part of a real boatbuilder...kind of a stretch...waxed up my planes and bought a new straw hat for the occasion...


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