About a year ago I purchased a drift boat project.  I was told the boat is a "stitch and glue" style boat patterned after a "modified Freestone Classic pattern".  I have watched several drift boat building videos and read several blogs.  I feel I know less now than when I bought the project.  I am looking for a mentor that could help me figure out where I am at in the process and what I should do next.  I live in Lewiston Idaho and would like to find someone that is somewhat close to help me.  I am a novice at wood working but I am eager to learn. Thanks.  Randy

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Well thats good news if the seams are all ok.Looks like the builder did a good job with the fillets and tape.What you'll need now is to familiarize yourself with epoxy and thickeners.That gap at the top of the stem can be filled,you just need to make a dam covered in plastic so its removable.Once it sets up remove and cover with some more biax.

The woodworking part is the easy stuff,its the epoxy work that most people dont understand.Its not hard just need a little practice,there are several brands to chose from.Theres no need to buy the most expensive epoxy like sys3 or west but there web sites have instructions that apply to all epoxies so youll learn alot there.

Thers also another forum called Bateau,  there all stitch and glue and theres about 100 boats being built right now. so theres lots of active users to answer any questions..  Good Luck.

Hello All,

Thanks for all your help.  I am much more confident that I can complete this project.

I am purchasing an epoxy system (West Systems) this week to being some fiberglass reinforcements and repairs.

I am also securing some new woods for benches, braces, stripping decks and so forth.

I am looking now for some finish hardware so I can make plans around them. 

Does anyone have recommendations for anchor systems?  I am leaning towards a centerline floor system.

I am also looking for great oar lock sockets.  

Thanks again.


I like the new dierks system. It's slick and easy to use. I do have the regal foot pedal though and I think it's nice to look at. Works fine with 3/8s rope though it suggests 1/2 to 5/8. For oarlock sockets I got some bronze bushings from grainger. They're pretty slick looking.


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