Hi Folks,

I got this Drift Boat last Summer in Idaho and I think it is a Keith Steele Boat, with serial numbers on it.  

As far as I can tell K Steele Drift Boats seem to have rectangle shaped drain holes between the Ribs

Does anyone else think it is ?

I tried to find info on the serial #  CFZP 192628..... but no luck..... 

The guy I got it from said it was stored inside and it is in good shape. I am in the process of decking it to use on white water.

I have learned alot from this site and lots of information all aspects of Wooden Boats .... and was hoping someone out there could help me date this Drift Boat

Thanks everyone...


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Doesn't look like a Steele to me. True he used rectangular limber holes but he also had a metal brace where the inner gunnels meet the stem as well as a metal Coast Guard ID. on the stem. Where the inner gunnels terminate at the stern of the boat is different too.


It is not a Keith Steele (I have two that Keith built for me).  Mike Baker is correct in his distinctions.  Line deck, floor boards, and seats different also.  It does look like a good boat.

Thanks Guys ..... I was wondering if it was a Steele and the year it was made because I think it is an old one from the patina on it .

I just got more epoxy and fiberglass to put more on the bottom and hull and then on to the decking...

The boat has really nice lines and is good shape , its a fun project.

I agree with Mike and David, definitely not a Keith Steele boat.  In addition to the differences already mentioned, Keith's limber holes were on the right side of the boat, his oarlocks were flush with the gunnels, and the transom was more squared off.

But any wood drift boat is a pleasure to own, not only for the satisfaction derived from the working on it, but also from the pleasure of floating quietly down a beautiful river.

Good luck with your project.

Thanks for the input everyone.

I wasn't sure who made this boat.

The passenger seat adjustment is different than other boats I have seen, this one has oak rails with notches.

Thanks again.....


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