I bought this boat a few months back with the intention of converting it for whitewater use. I finally have a plan starting to take shape but I'm realizing how much nice work from the original build is going to have to be un-done... there are swivel seat mounts, pedestals, custom laminated thigh braces, rod holders, and lots of other details that are nice for a fishing boat, but will have to be cut out and trashed for the whitewater application.  I'm not going to get the conversion done before the trip I bought it for anyway, so now I have lots of time to explore other options and I've started to think that in the big picture it makes a lot more sense for someone to put a little work into restoring the finish on this boat than it does for me to hack it apart and turn it into something different.  Any takers?

This could be a gorgeous fishing boat for less than the cost of materials to build new - as well as a fun project for someone who just wants to get their feet wet before committing to a new build, or easy money for an expert who knows what they are doing.

Let me know if anybody is interested in taking over or if you have questions.



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It's such a bummer you're so far from Pennsylvania! That would be an awesome boat to restore
What are you asking for it anyway?

I paid $3000 - seemed like a good deal since it is less than the cost of materials, but the price of boats varies so wildly I don't know if that is fair or not - make me an offer.  I think this model sells for close to $20k new, but I've seen other boats that don't need restoration for $2k, although they are a lot smaller and without all of the bells and whistles.

PA is far, but nothing that can't be overcome...

Let me know if you would like more photos or dimensions or anything.

Oh believe me, I've been thinking of every possible way. Haha I have a buddy that guides at Taylor Creek in Basalt, CO from June until the beginning of October then comes back here.
Well there you go. I could probably get the boat to CO...

Please don't take offense, but that boats is beat.  It can't be more that 10 years old.  Its interesting how a stitch and glue holds up.  I've seen 30-40 old Keith Steels that look better.  Those boats always look pretty but it was hard to gauge how durable they are. 

I have a friend who has a Kingfisher that's 15 years old and it looks like new.  When I saw the photos of Elliot's boat I wondered what the heck had happened to it.  All depends on how the boats are used and stored, I guess.

Yeah, the guy I bought this one from left it in someone else's hands for about 5 years during which time it wasn't cared for.
...that is why it is a restoration.
I bought it with the intention of gutting it but I can't bring myself to hack out and throw away nice work like the pedestals, rod holders and thigh braces without at least giving the community a chance at rescue.
My dad spent years as an antique dealer and I've helped him with some furniture and clock restorations. It is sad how many people will ruin a 200 year old piece of handcarved art with latex paint just because they don't know how to properly restore it. Now I don't want to be "that guy" ruining a good fishing boat.
...but I need a whitewater boat. ...and it is in my garage :-)


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