This is an early ‘80’s 14’ Don Hill. A gentleman dropped it off at the shop today.  It has a leak in the bottom which he wants me to fix and then he wants me to sell it in my shop.  Bottom photo is the shop.  Before I do anything I thought I’d post it here to see if anyone wanted a project.  The bottom has plastic on it.  I’m betting the leak is originating because of that. The entire boat is painted. It is made of fir plywood and it is checking everywhere.  Overall though it is a solid boat, but an old boat.  Frames, stem and stern looks good also.  It comes with 2 wood oars and Baker Trailer in great condition.  Anyone interested? Open to offers.

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So I took “Fly Me” down to the local launch to see how she floats and see where the leak is. I never found a leak. Got in the boat, bounced it around, back and forth and found it to be very sound.  If any one is interested before I take the plastic bottom off let me know.



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