In addition to some fine looking drift boats, I'll be looking for a Gloucester Light Dory at Saturday's festival, AND I will be looking for her builder and friend, Tom Jackson. She's not a riverboat. It's a seaworthy pulling dory Tom built from Phil Bolger's plans. Tom built this boat about 18years ago, shortly after leaving the Northwest to become the senior editor of WoodenBoat magazine. For six years this boat was his communter from Center Harbor to WoodenBat. And YES, Tom and his wife, Corinne will be at the show. They return to Maine early next month.

My gone-now-dear-friend, Dynamite Payson wrote the book on this dory-build 35 years ago. Thanks to Tom, ya'll can see one up close and personal. Hope to see you there too!

By the way, Dynamite's book is in its umpteenth printing -

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will have to check it out. hope you are floating in the parade or have your boat there this year.

I look forward to meeting Tom as well as seeing you and everyone else Roger.


Weather at Eagle Rock today is 70 degrees!  I am off to the lower McKenzie in 30 minutes!  Looking forward to tomorrow.


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