I want to make a few models for some X- mass presents,I've seen some nice looking ones on this site.What materials are the sides and bottoms made from?I'll assume its a veneer of some kind?Also do you coat the material with varnish first then assemble?


Thanks,these would be for display so looking to have a nice shinny surface. 

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Well managed to complete one anyway,between gluing my fingers to the boat and getting stuff straight I soon realized model building isn't for me.I fabbed all the pieces from some sepele scraps I had,you quickly realize just how much work goes into fitting one of these boats together.My hats off to those of you that have build full sized boats from scratch.

Most of it is close but a few things were off,the oar locks were suppose to go on the other side of the 5th frame but oh well.




some more pics,


well for a few mistakes, that turned out really nice. now go catch some fish. lol. hope your buddy likes it.


Those are really cool. 



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