Most of these photos were taken on the Clark Fork, St. Regis MT.  Instead of the bulky sliding seat in the front, I mounted (but removable) a 65 Gallon RTIC cooler to the floor in a frame.  I also moved the front brace and fly deck up 5".  This gives me a huge amount of space to move around in when I'm guiding.  I also in installed a rear casting brace and a raised pedestal seat in the rear.  The brace and seat can be un-installed in a few minutes.  With the cooler in the front and brace and fly deck moved forward its a pretty balanced boat.

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Gregg, another question.  Did you epoxy before the Interlux Polyurethane?  

Yes, it has 4 coats of epoxy under it.  I also painted it before attaching the gunnels and chines

I'm planning the same thing, was thinking of epoxy/painting while its still flat (not attached to stem and transom).  Did you oil the inside???   My current plan to oil the inside, except the rails, seats, and brace where I'd need more abrasion resistance.  Thinking of Marine Spar Varnish.   If you've been guiding, I'd be curious how your interior finishes have held up.  

Dusty, check out Duralux Marine Enamel. Carried by Home Depot and about half the price at $18 a qt. I just put the Aquamarine color on a boat I am restoring and it is very true to the color sample on line. They offer a wide selection of colors. It does take a bit longer to dry than the more expensive marine paints.


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