does anybody have any info on the fee's for boats larger than10ft in length, i was told this applies to all boats in Oregon starting the first of the year but i can not find anything on the Oregon State Marine Boards website

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found it if anybody needs to take a look
Thanks Jayson... I just caught wind of this over the weekend. It applies to all boats with & without motors...
Its amazing to me how they got this through without anyone knowing. I too just heard about it this last weekend.

Well, hopefully this helps get the word out, i am telling all the boaters i know and only one person that i have talked to knew about it so the state marine board is not doing a very good job about getting the word out,
Got mine today at BiMart. $7. It is good for any number of your boats. It folds like an angling license, so if you slip it in your wallet, you are good to go in whatever boat you are rowing.


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