Been a long time since I have visited. Lots of fishing, lots of travel and lots of boat building!

I have a couple new designs I am working on-  The Flyfisher Skiff and the Pennsylvania Drifter.

The Flyfisher Skiff is a wide, stable, low side, mild rocker square ender.  I designed and built this boat as an upscaled "Z's Drift Pram."  This has become my main rig for our Eastern waters. This boat will flot through the skinny.  Here it is being launched in a feeder stream to a main river. The wide, flat bottom makes it float higher than most under full load. 

The second boat is one in the works- "The Pennsylvania Drifter."  It has classic lines, and is not much of a departure from the norm, however it is a 15' side panel, mild-to-moderate rocker, and high sides.  I have specific plans for this boat on a run of soem technical whitewater.  

Plans for the Flyfisher skiff are available now, as we've built a couple of these and it is an easy to build, proven design.

I am operating under Down Home Boatworks, you can check out my new websiste here:

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Any idea what the Flyfisher skiff typically weighs?

Hey Jonathan-  I haven't gotten a skiff on the scale officially since it has been outfitted.  we weighed a dry, empty hull (no interior- seats, floors, etc) and my shop wall says it was #178

I'd add probably #60 after being outfitted the way I have it today.

Floats higher than anything I have though and rows like a dream on PA rivers.

Thanks for the information. If I am successful in my quest to become a retired person, I will give serious consideration to building one.

Nice website man!


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