Howdy folks, working on doing a restore job on this old wooden drifter I traded a half a dozen fly for. I am a life long fly fisherman from East Tennessee, i have rowed and owned glass boats. 

This boat is a stitch and glue boat that I know, other then that I am clueless The first thing I did was remove the epoxy bottom as it was starting to crack and i didn't want water to get between it and the wood. the wood seems like it is in pretty decent shape. The next thing I did was glass in the transom. Having owned glass boats where the bottoms have had to be patched and redone I have some experience with glass. (please don't kick me out of the group when I say I don't mind glass)

On to the next thing  I added a couple of 2x4's where I wanted the benches to be as this thing seemed a little flimsy. That helped with that, now I am stuck and I am not for sure what step to do next. I know it needs gunwells added and that part I am dreading. Tell me it looks and a sounds harder then what it is.

I'm not looking to turn her in to a show piece, just some ridged and functional. 

Anyways below are some pictures of the ol gal. Again I am in east Tn close to Knoxville. Any advice sure is appreciated. Also if some one could tell me a little bit about the style, make, etc etc. i'd like to learn about it.    

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