has anyone tried this construction-.5" baltic birch (plywood) sandwiched in between two .75" doug fir. Both 2" wide.There is a seam about 6' down from the handle in the birch and  the paddle is formed from the birch as well.See attached pictures of the prototype in the rough. Any comments or advice are welcome.Thankyou

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so far so good on the oars.a little touch up here and there and they actually came out nicely.I still want to remove a little more material to lighten them up a little.I will post pics upon completion.-dreu

Hi Drew,

I built a set using a somewhat similar method, only I used 3mm ocume ply and spruce.  Having a laminated shaft adds rigidity and helps prevent warping.  And my paddles are laminated from mahogany and oak for toughness.



Those look nice. I didnt end up messing with a lathe set up. Just hand planed and sanded. Are they perfect round? no...the fish wont know it!! I dont think any idea is not worth trying.

Hey Richard, what did you put on those tips for the protector? Most of the Sawyer drift oars  come with a pro tip protector, but you cant buy them. The rubber sleeves they do sell wont fit my oars

Hi Mike,

It's just 2" glass tape in epoxy.  Doesn't take much graphite to make it black.


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