Just got some strange oars for $40. 9 footers encased in fiberglass and painted brown. Removed the fiberglass and sanded the remaining epoxy and paint off. Walah! Pretty good looking ash oars. One has been scarfed with something for the blade. Now to finish. Thinking of marine spar varnish to maintain the color. Should I use penetrating epoxy and then varnish or just varnish. Any suggestions?

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looking great, if they perform as expected,you saved a bunch,and have wood with cool experience.

Just applied Jamestown penetrating epoxy to oars. Big disappointment. More like a varnish. Should have thinned. Working time is right at 15 minutes. Then it cooks off, smoke, heat, too hot to hold container. Stick with CPES from The Rot Doctor. Easy to apply, long pot life, really penetrates. Good coverage. Goes a long ways. Life is a learning experience.



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