Hi all,

I picked up a burn pile boat and am going to fix it up. I am thinking of decking it over into a dory but will make the final call once the hull is back in order. Sounds like it was a 16' double-ender with transom, was rotted out the back and then converted to true double-ender. Unsure of the year, the guy said it had original square nuts on the sheer rails. The repair job was marginal at best. I can make it work, but would rather do it right.

I'm seeking 1/4" doug-fir marine ply for the repair job to get as close as a possible match to the original side panels. Can anyone put me on the trail? I only need 1/2 a sheet!

I'd be interested in any musings on the history of the boar. It's got frame braces and a stem that I have never seen before. The inside sheer rail, and stem connection were part of the repair.

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I can't seem to figure out pictures, but I have a few to post. Any helpful hints? I saw the recent Kaboom post and the photo instructions there, but I don't have the link button... Thanks.


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