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This past fall, Roger Fletcher and I teamed up to build a couple of "drift boat" rockers for our grandkids as a Christmas present.  One thing led to another & now we have a web site and are offering Finished Rocking Boats, Rocking Boat Kits, and Rocking Boat Plans.... as well as a little Nursery Rhyme about Winkin Blinkin and Nod and their adventures in a little wooden drift boat fly fishing for steelhead with flies of "Silver and Gold"..... ha ha

Check out the little Blog post that Pendleton Blankets just posted on this project and be sure to "Like" it, if you do.....  we'd like to get some BIG numbers out of this:

Rocking Boats

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Oh, Yeh. We had great fun building these little boats, scaled replicas of Woodie's early boats. Greg calls my shop Santa's Workshop, though we were strange looking elves. In mid-November I delivered a prototype to the home of my two great grandkids who awoke from their afternoon naps to discover the piece in the living room. If interested you can view a video of that discovery here, rough as it is . . .


On Christmas morning the kids "discovered" the finished boat and a copy of Greg's delightful adaptation of "Winkin, Blinkin and Nod" under the tree. It was a hoot. I like Greg's idea of bringing the river experience into the living room for the wee ones, and as Grandpas, we both had great fun bringing these boats to life. Who says Gramps can't have fun?

Awesome work guys! I need to build one of these for our little one soon :-)


I am not seeing a Ninkasi beer holder built into these supposed replicas.  Stay thirsty, my friend.

David - I've been asked (by more than a few) if we are going to build an adult version of these - complete with a comfortable chair, beer holder, built-in cooler, and place to store the remote control.  We're working on a prototype for you to "test drive" for us.  ha


Great!  I'd like to field test it for you during the Stanley Cup.  My wife says I sit and watch 6 weeks of hockey like a baby watching Sesame Street.  David needs a bottle.

Any thing to help.

We'll go to work on that immediately.


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