I very rarely have ever seen boats stacked on a trailer on the Olympic Peninsula. I do know however that it is fairly common in other places. In order to do it I know that the front fly deck must be removable and the rowers seat needs to flatten out so the bottom of the top boat rides flatter. Would anyone suggest additional framing, say beneath the seats, to carry the added load?      Just curious       Jim 

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I think we stacked 4 Keith Steele wood boats about 30 years ago.  We ran the Illinois (portaged the last part of the Green Wall).  It was spring, and too much snow to safely use Bear Camp road from Agness to Grants Pass, so we went South to Crescent City, CA, and then back up the Smith River to I-5.  The knee rests and line deck are easily removed in Steele Boats.  The only support used was a removable support that Keith made for all his boats.  The support fit between the passengers' seat and the floor boards.  Also, put an old boat cushion or old life jacket in the front of the boat to be stacked so as to cushion rubbing of the boats.  When I have stacked just a second boat, I did not fiddle with the support.

Thanks, it really isn`t a bad idea I`m sure the price of gas will be going up again soon!


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